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Hosting Services FAQ

What is domain name registration?

Domain name registration is applying for the right to own a particular domain name.

Our domain name, for example, is "". If your application is accepted, you generally have the domain for 2 years, after which it must be renewed.

After your registration is accepted, the domain can be used as an address for an internet service. For example, a website like "" or email like "".

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What is the difference between domain hosting and web hosting?

Domain hosting points a domain name to a particular IP address or server.

Without domain hosting, the internet does not know where to find the service associated with a particular domain.

For example, domain hosting lets the internet know where email to "" should be sent and how your browser can find our website at "".

Web hosting is the hosting of the actual physical website. Domain hosting allows the internet to find your website, and web hosting is where the website is stored.

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How do I upload my website?

You use FTP to upload your site. A program to do this will usually come with your operating system, e.g. Windows or Macintosh OSX. The details you'll need to log in are:

Server name Your site name E.g.
User name Your OnTheNet user name E.g. chris
Password Your OnTheNet password E.g. notonyourlife! :-)

Note: you'll likely need to configure your FTP program to use "Passive FTP", especially on newer Windows where the Windows firewall will block "Active FTP" by default.

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What does it cost?

Domain registration $150 per 2 years

Domain hosting $13 per month or $130 per year

Web hosting (Linux) $27 per month or $270 per year

Web hosting (Windows) $540 per year

Dedicated Windows 2008 Web virtual server.

Setup $1100 including Windows 2008 license

$195 per month

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