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Secure Online Backup FAQ

How does Online Backup work?

We regularly backup your data over the internet. For most businesses this will be overnight, but it can be as often as you like down to every few minutes.

We only upload the changes in any data. Before uploading, the data is encrypted, ensuring the integrity and security of your data. As we have the previous backup once we have the changes we can reconstruct any file. We further check that the file we have reconstructed is exactly the same as the file being backed up. As we only upload changes, it reduces the time and bandwidth required to perform backups.

You can easily view your files using a viewing tool or web browser. Each backup will have a time and date stamp. Therefore you can recover a file from any time point in the past where a backup has been created. For most businesses this means that you can revisit files for each business day.

As the very first backup maybe large, we can seed our data centre by backing up to a portable hard disk on your premises and taking that to our data centre to create the first backup.

If you need to restore your files you can download them from your backup account. If you urgently need all your data again, we can ship you a portable hard disk with all your data.

Using Backup Assist, Shadowprotect or similar onsite backup systems as an interim step will allow you to do bare metal system rebuilds.

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What can I backup?

You can backup anything.

Most of the time it only makes sense to backup the most critical files online.

You can select which directories or files you want to backup, or if you prefer, you can simply let OnTheNet backup everything you have. Set and forget.

Using Shadowprotect or Backup Assist as an interim onsite stage, you can even backup the status of your systems and do bare metal rebuilds in case of a disaster.

Some systems are very dynamic and changing all the time, i.e. they change while a backup is happening. If your backups do not account for this, it can mean that your backups are not usable. Databases are often like this, and need to put into a special state to back them up properly. OnTheNet is experienced in this area and can ensure that your database maintains its integrity.

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How much data can I backup over the internet?

It depends on your uplink speed and how often your files change.

For most customers, only a few hundred megabytes need to be uploaded each night. On ADSL2, it would usually mean less than half an hour overnight.

Most customers can also seed their data overnight, without requiring a site visit by us

If your first upload can last 8-12 hours overnight you can usually seed the following amounts depending on your link:

256kbps/64kbps 23 MB/hour 230 MB
1.5Mbps/256kbps 92 MB/hour 920 MB
ADSL upload speed 384kbps 141 MB/hour 1.41 GB
ADSL2 upload speed 1Mbps 368 MB/hour 3.68 GB

If you need to backup more data than this, give us a call.

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How can I recover my data?

In most cases, you can simply recover your files by downloading them over the internet. If you need to recover large amounts of data very quickly, we can ship you a portable 2TB hard disk with your data on it. As we are based in Australia, you should receive it in a few hours If you use an interim onsite backup box running something like Backup Assist or Shadowprotect, you can perform a complete bare metal system restore after downloading your backups.

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I already backup onsite, do I still need online backup?

Are you really sure your onsite backups are working properly?

Backups should be automatic, regular and cost effective. Online Backup makes it so. Although most businesses have some sort of backup plan in place, very few actually follow through on their plan. Online Backup overcomes this by happening automatically in the background, and by alerting us and you if something didn't go to plan.

If you already have a reliable backup system on site, congratulations! You’re already ahead of the pack. But you should store your most critical data offsite to insure against the worst case scenario. You can do this by taking home portable hard drives or tape. However this involves a manual process which is easy to stop doing and forget as well as being expensive.

A much more reliable and cost effective method is to use online backup to archive your onsite backups. It happens regularly and automatically and in the background so that you don't need to do anything. If it doesn't complete properly, we will be alerted and we can react accordingly.

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How secure is my data?


Your data is stored in a professionally run data centre, with redundant power supplies, specialised fire suppression equipment, 24 hour guards and access with security cards by authorised personnel only. The data centre is so secure it is used by the major banks for disaster recovery.

The data itself is stored in triplicate, even if 2 copies fail, you still have 1 copy. All of our servers are duplicated, so that even if one falls down, we can seamlessly switchover servers and keep running without you even noticing. Giving you peace of mind.

You can further request for your data to be encrypted and keep a private key. That means nobody but yourself can look at it. But be careful. If you lose your key, nobody, not even us, can decrypt your data for you.

All your data is encrypted before it is uploaded, so nobody can snoop on it.

The servers with your data are firewalled off and highly secure. Nobody but you can access your data.

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Why use OnTheNet Secure Online Backup?

We’re based in Australia and our data centres and support staff are in Australia. If you need your data quickly it can be shipped to you within hours, if you have a problem, you can speak to us or even come and visit us in the Docklands.

Our technology was developed by us, therefore we understand it. If there are problems you can call us and we can fix them. You won't be waiting for responses to arrive from the USA or India, across different time zones to have your problems sorted out.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our personal service. If you call us, you'll be speaking to a person and not a machine.

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What does it cost?

Not much.

Pricing starts from $45 per month or $450 per year for 100GB of storage.

Cost Storage
$450 / year First 100 GB
$200 / year Each additional 100 GB, to 1000 GB
$1800 / year First 1000 GB
$180 / year Each additional 100 GB over 1000 GB

Note 1: All pricing is ex-GST

Note 2: A GB is specified as 1,000,000 bytes


Self install and seed files via the internet, free.

For most cases this is sufficient. (To check, read How much data can I backup over the internet?)

$200 to seed a 2TB portable hard disk and install and setup system (Might not be needed, read How much data can I backup over the internet?)


Recover files over the internet, free and as often as you like.

$200 + $300 deposit to ship a 2TB portable hard disk containing your recovered data ($300 returned once HD is returned.)

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