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Rapid Internet Access FAQ

What is the difference between capped and shaped plans?

A capped plan includes a certain amount of data within your "cap" and charges you a rate for data usage above the cap.

Capped plans are usually very cost effective for users with low data requirements.

Shaped plans allow you data usage to a threshold. If your data usage crosses the threshold you will not be charged extra. However your speed will be throttled back. In most cases you can still download email and do simple web surfing. The shaping can be lifted for a fee.

Shaped plans are good for people who have high usage and people that wish to avoid the risk of higher than expected bills.

For pricing on our ADSL and ADSL2 shaped and capped plans see our ADSL application page.

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Is ADSL or ADSL2 available in my area?

Go to the ADSL application page and check by entering your service telephone number and clicking on the "Click here to check this number for ADSL availability" link.

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What is Virtual Ethernet?

Virtual Ethernet offers high speeds by bundling lines together and presenting as an ethernet port.

It's advantages over normal SHDSL or ADSL are that it can offer higher speeds at greater distances from the exchange. For example 2Mbps at 5km from the exchange, which is not normally achievable with ADSL or ADSL2 at this distance.

Virtual Ethernet is also a symmetrical service, therefore upload speeds and download speeds are the same.

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What is SHDSL?

SHDSL is short for Single-pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line.

However the main practical difference with ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line) is that SHDSL is symmetrical. This means the Upload speed is the same as the download speed. This is required by some businesses that upload as much data as they download. For example, between branch offices.

In contrast, ADSL has a much faster download speed than upload speed. This is the most common consumer and single office type of connection as the majority of users download a lot more data than they upload.

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What does it cost?

Click here for latest rates and plans.

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