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August 22nd, 1794: Birth of George Bracher

April 12th, 1816: Birth of George Bracher (junior), Salisbury, Wiltshire

1820: Death of Sarah Jenks, George's (jnr) mother

February 1823: Re-marriage of George Bracher (senior) to Elizabeth Howes of Wincanton

October 1829: The Hall family arrives in Fremantle and settle in the Murray District, south of Perth

1835: Brothers Henry James Bracher and George Bracher establish the Wiltshire and Dorset Bank in Salisbury

July 17th, 1838: George Bracher (junior) leaves England on the S.S. Britomart

December 4th, 1838: George arrives in Fremantle aboard the Britomart

Early 1839: George establishes a grocery store in Guildford

March 10th, 1841: George receives title to Lot 9, Guildford

Early-mid 1840s: George commences a butchery in Perth

June 12th, 1846: The marriage of George Bracher to Sarah Louisa Hall in Perth

July 1847: Birth of Sarah Fanny Bracher

September 10th, 1847: George Bracher sails to Mauritius

March 1849: Sarah Louisa and Sarah Fanny Bracher sail to Mauritius

1852: Birth of Ellen Theodosia in Mauritius

September 6th, 1852: George, Sarah Louisa, Sarah Fanny and Ellen Theodosia Bracher return to Australia (Melbourne) on the Rival

January 1853: Death of Ellen Theodosia in Melbourne

1853: The Bracher family move to Sandhurst (Bendigo)

November 15th, 1853: Birth of Emma Amelia Bracher in Sandhurst

October 7th, 1857: Birth of George Henry Bracher in Sandhurst

February 1858: Death of Sarah Theodosia Hall in Western Australia

February 12th, 1859: Birth of Ada Louisa Bracher in Sandhurst

April 1859: Death of Henry Edward Hall in Mandurah, W.A.

April 1859: The Bracher family relocates to Axe Creek from Sandhurst

1860: Bushranger Edward Frank Hall wanted and captured in Western Australia

1861: William Shakespeare Hall joins the Gregory exploration party to explore north western W.A.

1861: 14 year old Sarah Fanny Bracher leaves Victoria to live with her great aunt
Amelia in Sydney

November 1864: George Bracher placed under sequestration in the Supreme Court of Victoria

January 1866: Sarah Fanny Bracher returns from Sydney to Sandhurst

January 1869: Sarah Fanny Bracher begins teacher training in Prahran, Melbourne

July 25th, 1869: Death of Emma, Amelia Bracher at Kangaroo Flat

June 4th, 1871: Death of George Bracher Snr at Alderbury, Wiltshire, England

September 8th, 1871: George Bracher jnr discharges his debts in the Supreme Court of Victoria

1872-1873: George Bracher jnr speculates heavily on Bendigo mining stocks

1873: George and Sarah Louisa Bracher are living in Willis St, Sandhurst

1874: Sarah Louisa begins running a boarding house at 4 Victoria Terrace, Sandhurst

1876: Sarah Fanny Bracher is appointed First Assistant Teacher at Dunolly

March 1876: Death of Ada Louisa Bracher at Kangaroo Flat

1876-1877: George Henry Bracher working in Hay, NSW

1877: George Henry Bracher moves to Melbourne for work

June 1878: Sarah Louisa and George Bracher move to Footscray to live with George Henry

August 1878: George and Sarah Louisa move to Echuca to run a temperance hotel and to manage the farm on Maloga Native Mission

September 25th, 1878: George Henry Bracher marries Catherine Smith (Herara) in Emerald Hill

Early 1879: George and Sarah Louisa Bracher return from Echuca to live in Footscray

March 1879: George Henry Bracher moves to Geelong for work

Mid 1879: Sarah Fanny Bracher transfers from Dunolly to Epsom to teach

June 1879: Birth of Fanny Victoria in Footscray to George and Catherine (Kate) Bracher

1879: Catherine (Kate) joins George Henry in Geelong

1879: Sarah Louisa and George Bracher run a boarding house in Nelson Place, Williamstown

1880: Sarah Louisa and George Bracher return to Kangaroo Flat to live

1880: Birth of George Reginald Alberto Bracher to George and Catherine (Kate)

1880: George Henry Bracher begins a decade of property speculation and investment

July 1881: George Henry Bracher buys a half share in a Geelong photographic business

1882: Marriage of Sarah Fanny Bracher to Robert Disney Jones

1882: Birth of Louisa May to George Henry and Catherine (Kate)

Sept 1883: George Henry leaves Geelong to work in Bourke Street, then in Footscray

1884: Birth of Amy Maud to George Henry and Catherine (Kate) Bracher

August 25th, 1886: Birth of Henry Herbert Gladstone to George and Catherine Bracher

April 1887: Death of Peter Smith (Pedro Herara), aged 64 in White Hills, Bendigo

1888: Birth of Laura Alexandrina to George and Catherine (Kate) Brache

Late 1888: George Henry Bracher joins with a Mr Watkins to operate 'Watkins and Bracher', Nicholson Street, Footscray

1891: Birth of Lionel Wilfred to George and Catherine (Kate) Bracher

1891: George Henry Bracher builds "Boomville" as the family home, cnr Leeds and Ryan Streets, Footscray

January 1891: Death of Aunt Amelia Hall in Sydney

February 8th, 1891: Death of George Bracher at Kangaroo Flat

1891: George Henry''s business ventures are devastated by the financial crisis in Victoria. The family moves into their parents house at Kangaroo Flat

1891: George Henry begins work on the Western Australia goldfields

Mid 1890s: The Bracher family moves from Kangaroo Flat into Golden Square, in a house next to Sarah Fanny Bracher

1895: Sarah Fanny Jones (nee Bracher) retires from teaching

1897: Death of Laura Alexandrina in Golden Square

1897: George Henry Bracher returns from the W.A. goldfields

Early 1897: Sarah Fanny and Robert Disney Jones move from Golden Square to Portarlington

1897: George Henry Bracher returns from the W.A. goldfields and opens a saddlery shop in Golden Square

1899: George Henry Bracher moves to Melbourne to work, leaving his family in
Golden Square

July 13th, 1900: George Henry Bracher is declared insolvent

1901: The Bracher family move from Golden Square to join their father in Footscray
1902: George Henry Bracher elected President of the Victorian Saddlers and Harness Makers Union

July 2, 1904: George Henry Bracher is discharged from his debts

October 1910: Death of Sarah Louisa Bracher

1911: Harry Bracher is selected to play cricket for Victoria

1912: Sarah Fanny and Robert Disney Jones are living in Seddon

1915: Herbert Henry Gladstone Bracher married Ethel Ashton Parker at St Johns Church, Footscray

1936: Death of Sarah Fanny Jones (nee Bracher) in Camberwell

1939: Death of Catherine (Kate) Bracher in Royal Park

1940: Death of Robert Disney Jones in Camberwell

July 25th, 1945: Death of George Henry Bracher in Footscray




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