Plans & Rates - Dialup

About us...

We offer a quality service at an affordable price: no busy signals so you can always get on when you need to, and good transfer rates once you're connected so you don't waste time waiting for slow connections. Our help desk is always ready to help with any problems and answer any questions you may have.

Our user to modem ratio is about 7:1. However, more importantly, we are a 'no busy signals' service, meaning you can always get on straight away. This is a better indicator of the type of service you can expect than the user to modem ratio, as another provider may have the same ratio but still have busy signals e.g. if the provider is servicing a lot of high usage customers.

We support 56K, both V.90 and K56Flex varieties, on all our modems. We also have ISDN access available, contact us for details.

Our available bandwidth is about 4Kbyte/second/modem. This means that even if all our modems are in use (which they never are, because of our 'no busy signals' policy) and everybody is downloading large web pages or files at the same time, you can still achieve a download speed of 4Kbyte/second. It is more normal to get download speeds as fast as your modem and the remote host will allow e.g. over 4Kbyte/second for 56K modems.

You may like to click here for a guide to help choose the best plan for you.


Please note: these rates include the GST.

Unlimited Dialup Plan

Unlimited time and unlimited data for $24.95 per month. This service has a single national dial-up number which is a standard local call. Session times are limited to 4 hours, however you can reconnect immediately. There is a one-off establishment fee of $15.

ADSL Broadband Plans

We offer high speed broadband services via ADSL. For more details please see our ADSL application page.

Block (Low Usage) Plan: $64 for 30 hours

Our most flexible plan allows you to simply buy a block of time to be used as you wish: there are no minimum monthly limits and the block is valid for up to a year. Again, there is unrestricted access to the internet and an email address. This plan does not however include free personal web pages. The plan includes up to 200 Mb of traffic, and extra traffic is charged at 16c/Mb.


Payment options are credit card (Visa, MasterCard, BankCard, AmEx), cheque, money order or direct deposit into our bank account.